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Launch jacking From YouTube Ads
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List Building With YouTube Ads - Hot Leads - They Come to YOU
On One Small Platform - YouTube Led to Most of the Profits
From the desk of: Adam Payne
Subject: How to Kill it with YouTube Ads

Hey, Adam Payne here and let’s briefly discuss my last name … sounds like? Exactly. PAIN.

Don’t worry, not going to try and relate my story to yours, because at this point I simply don’t know your story. 

Just want you to get a sense of who’s talking to you right now.

But just to give a bit of background first...

When I first got started online, I didn’t have a clue. Just knew I wanted it. That led to a lot of unfortunate mistakes. In very little time online, I managed to:

+ Lose 3K to a private coach who just vanished

+ Blow another 2K joining a traffic group that was a pure scam

+ Make a grand total of $24 in my 1st 6 months as an online marketer
Now with that out of the way, it's time for me to show you something.
And I wanted to expose you to this FIRST.

If you’re like me, you value your time over almost everything else. 

Not all uses of time are equal though, and this simple truth can make a big difference in life and business.
People who spend their time doing high-impact high-value work make more money. Period.
To me, high-impact value work is getting my offers and my business in front of my target customers, quickly and cheaply.

I managed to become very good at this by spending a TON of time mastering one thing... YouTube.
 Here are a few reasons why.
+ YouTube is now the second largest search engine with 1 billion daily visitors. I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of that?
+ Youtube is more popular than cable television
+ Youtube now receives over 5 billion daily views… and that number is rapidly growing!
Oh, and one more thing.

Google OWNS YouTube. They want more traffic to come YouTube’s way than ever!

So when you master the world’s second biggest search engine, you can put yourself in front of millions of people who are actively searching for solutions that YOU can provide the answer to.
Think about this.
If someone comes onto YouTube and types in ‘How to get rid of dandruff’ or ‘How to improve your golf swing’ and your video is right there on page one, you can’t help but get huge amounts of laser-targeted traffic.

They are finding you, not the other way around. 

‘In some cases, being the hunted is the best option.’ 

And If  you can run ads directly to people looking for answers... it's a GOLDMINE
Mastering THIS traffic  Source is The Best Advice I can Give You
My efforts to master it have paid off...

So much so, I've spoken at international events.

Here's a picture of me speaking in Tokyo, Japan on YouTube Advertising.
Now I want to teach you everything I can about YouTube Ads

Look, a LOT of product vendors try to frame their products as the “be all and end all” solution for every single online marketer.

But you’re smarter than that, and I’m not about to insult your intelligence. In fact I’ve been called some bad names by some BIG marketers, just for refusing to promote certain products that made ridiculous claims.

Simply, not every product is for everybody. Fair enough, right?

But, IF you fit into any of the following categories, YouTube Ads Mastery can definitely have a positive impact on your business:
  •  Beginners to video advertising and want to drive traffic to any niche
  •  E- Com store owners 
  •  CPA or affiliate marketers that need targeted traffic 
  •  Offline businesses looking to build their client base & social following
  •  Local Marketers
  •  List Builders
And If You Are One Of the above, then YouTube Ads Mastery Can Have You:
  • Building Laser Targeted Lists in ANY Niche.
  •  Ranking Your Videos on Google Page One Above Authority Sites Like The Huffington Post
  •  Exploding Your YouTube Channel Subscribers
  •  Selling More Affiliate Offers
  •  Making More Money From Your E-Commerce Store
  •  Making more money from Adsense, CPA, affiliate promotions
  •  Helping local clients get more business
  •  And Much More...
My Complete A-Z of YouTube Ads that leaves no stone unturned.

Watch over my shoulder as I take even a complete newbie through EVERY step needed to master YouTube Ads.

YouTube is the #1 most targeted traffic out there.

While Facebook is all about interruption marketing, YouTube people are HUNTING for answers. 

And YOU can make sure your  video is put in front of them EVERY SINGLE TIME.

A Sneak Peak Inside The Member's Area
Module 1 - The Newbie Zone
In this Module, you'll discover:
  •  Discover How to set everything up from scratch, the right way.
  •  Learn how to script like a pro
  •  Find out which targets will get you the best results
Module 2 - Discovery Ad Mastery
In this Module, you'll discover:
  •  How to write copy that sells on Youtube
  •  Thumbnail explosion
  •  Conversion Tracking science
Module 3 - In-Stream Ad Mastery
In this Module, you'll discover:
  •  Ninja Facebook Audience Insight Sniper 
  •  How to Explode your channel Subs
  •  How to get tons of eyeballs on your videos
  •  Do it all by Not annoying anyone
Module 4 - Overall Mastery
In this Module, you'll discover:
  •  Language Patterns that push buttons
  •  YouTube Sequencing like the big boys
  • In-stream conversion mastery
Almost 4 hours of Solid YouTube Ads Mastery Training
Don't Just Take My Word for It Though. Listen to What others Are Saying
Chris Blair - 7 Figure E-commerce entrepreneur & trainer
Rod Alley - Video Marketing Expert

"Adam Payne is amongst the select few truly good guys in the internet marketing game. I have enough experience with Adam to be able to confidently state this. If he is offering training, it is on something he DOES, and has mastered. He also is a very gifted trainer, presenting in a very logical style that many instructors can’t seem to quite get a handle on. He has enough inflection in his voice to keep it interesting, he doesn’t fill his training with fluff or “let’s talk about how great I am.” He genuinely cares about those that buy his products, and has integrity matched by few in the IM game. I have bought several products from Adam, and his quality is consistently high, and he is actually one of my favorite trainers to take a course from. 

Coming from a background of over 20 years of experience of training adults in many areas, I am uniquely qualified to judge other trainers. If Adam is offering a course or mentoring, Buy it. You will not be disappointed. He gives away more content than many deliver in a paid course, and has a sincere desire to help others that is both refreshing and rare."
Special Bonuses for Action Takers
Tube Remarketing Mastery
+ What is remarketing and why it works so well
+ How remarketing can get you both instant traffic and long-term traffic
+ How to drive traffic from YouTube in ANY niche
+ How to set up everything from scratch, including tracking
+ How to build your remarketing lists on YouTube
+ How to then market to them correctly to drive the traffic

This currently sells for $47 itself.
YouTube Ads Kickstart
Never taken out a YouTube Ad before? The very thought sent shivers down your spine? 

Then fear not. In this step-by-step guide, I will walk you through the process so that you know exactly what to do and do not lose your shirt in the process. 

This Bonus is a PDF Guide to the whole process.
YouTube Ads Mastery isn’t for everyone
If these categories describe you, then you won’t need it:
+ You don’t think you can learn anything from someone else
+ You expect this to be a push button solution
+ You Consider yourself an ‘expert’

If you are even remotely normal and prepared to learn and put in some effort, then you're going to love it.
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s YouTube Ads Mastery all about?
It’s a simple, yet very explosive method I’ve been using to make easy money, build my lists and get hordes of targeted visitors to my websites. Inside, you get everything you need to get started right away.

Is the traffic FREE?
No. The title is Youtube 'Ads' and as such, you'll need a budget for advertising and testing. If this scares you then it's not for you. That said, $5 per day per campaign is ok to get going.

How is the training delivered?
You get…
Step-By-Step Video Training
Downloadable PDF guides
You get everything you need to follow along and get results fast.

Is there a guarantee?
No. The only people seeing this page are my own subscribers or those of people I trust that I've personally reached out to. So if you are reading this, then lucky you. We are all adults and if the thought of refunding is in your mind already, then save us both the trouble. I'll be here to help you though, you have my word on that.

How do I get this right now?
Scroll down and click the big sexy buy button.


P.S. The price is now $97. Launch is over. I may raise this again soon at my discretion. 

P.P.S. 30 days from now, you could still be struggling for traffic, or have so much you don’t know what to do with it. This proven method will give you all the visitors you need to make any future campaign a success. Go get it!

P.P.S... If You have any questions, please contact me anytime at support@thevideooracle.com

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