Sometimes, you need to forget all the 'underground tactics' and just get targeted views to your videos and let the results do the talking. I'll show you how you can get those with Video Sorcery.

"Laser Targeted Views, Better Rankings and More Profits With Video Sorcery...
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Adam Payne
From: Adam Payne
Location: Nagoya , Japan
Hi, Adam Here,

As a full time Video Marketer and Trainer I'm constantly working to stay on the 'Cutting Edge' of YouTube Marketing and sharing that knowledge with my Students, Clients and Subscribers. 

The fact is that YouTube is evolving, sometimes on a day to day basis, and all those Bogus 'Loopholes', 'Tricks' and 'Short Term Solutions' being marketed over and over again simply DO NOT WORK!  

What every Video Marketer Really needs, are eyeballs on their content. 

And then to direct those viewers to a website of their choosing

YouTube has Just thrown a Major Spanner in the works!
YouTube has added new requirements for users who link out to external sites in their videos. 

Users must now join the YouTube Partner Program in order to add Youtube Cards or End Screens with external links — a common way for YouTubers to point fans toward landing pages, affiliate links, blog posts...etc.

You also need to enable your channel for monetization if you want to add links, which has further muddied the waters. 

“Enabling monetization” essentially means applying to the Partnership Program, but only channels with 10,000 total public views or more can do this.

Newer folk or small channels are screwed.

Or are they?

Once you know EXACTLY how to get targeted views to your videos you can link out to any website on the Internet and get tons more traffic.

As well as get the side benefits of:
  •  Better Rankings
  •  More Email Subscribers
  • Increased Affiliate sales
  •  More Exposure
You'll Learn How to Get Tons of Targeted Views Inside:
Even if your Videos Are Boring Like This:

The 5-step system that will Grow Your Channel to 10,000 views so you can begin to drive traffic all over the Internet.
Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Find Inside…
  • The Keyword Mistakes that are killing your videos
  • The Anti-Guru view buying strategy
  • The Left behind Facebook Method for penny views to your YouTube videos
  • How to guarantee you rank #1 for ANY keyword
  • How to Siphon views from impossible to beat Authority videos
  • Plus Much More....
When You Secure Your Copy TODAY, You’ll Receive These Bonuses Completely FREE…
Bonus #1
YouTube Ads Kickstart
You’ll get and A-Z guide on how to take out your first Youtube Ad. Nothing left out. Perfect for beginners or those in need of a refresher.
Value: $97
Bonus #2
Got a smartphone?
learn how to go live
This step-by-step guide will show you how to run a livestream to your YouTube channel right from your Mobile Phone. Rank while on the move!
Value: $97
Bonus #2
Your First 10,000 Views 
You’ll get all the INSIGHTS onto the problem faced by many YouTubers and how to fix them by getting your first 10,000 views to your channel.
Value: $47
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Time to Make a Choice
Do nothing and keep struggling to get views or make a tiny investment and learn ow to get views to your videos that will pay off many times over.

Secure your copy today for only…
Talk soon,
Adam Payne
Still on the fence? I’ve put together some FAQ’s to help you make the right decision today..
Are there any Upsells?
NO. And there are no downsells, OTOs, cross sells, diagonal sells or any other kind of sell.
Do you have a Refund Policy?
NO. There are no refunds because what I am sharing with you has been proven and time-tested that the results will speak for themselves and this is only for my best customers and friends…
What is this all about? 
This is about doing YouTube marketing the RIGHT way so that you build up the views on your videos and channels to be able to take advantage of cards and end screens as calls to action.
How is the Training Delivered?
After you purchase, you will be able to create your account and login to a secure membership site with ease.
How do I get started today?
That information is below...
Grab Your Copy Of Video Sorcery Now For Only
PS...For the price of a cheap date, you can learn a skill set that will pay off big time.

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