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Having a responsive email list gives you a licence to virtually print money
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Adam Payne here and if you’re reading this page then that means one of two things:

+ You are already a subscriber of mine.

+ You were sent here by one of very few people I trust.

Either way, thank you for being here and I’ll get right to the point.
Having Your Own Money-Making Email List is the Key Between Success and Failure Online.
Yet so many people struggle to build a list , don't know how to monetize one, or worst case, are too scared to start. 

That ends today! 

Let me SHOW you in this Non-Hypey Video:
Super Cheap, Super Hot Leads For Pennies with One Little Ad
Look….It’s a bit of a cliche. We’ve all heard it. “The Money Is In The List”.

While I identified the need to build a list many years ago now, I was tricked into building it the wrong way.

I was taught to buy my leads from what are called solo ads

I would pay vendors a fixed sum, and I would build my list by having them put my landing page in their emails.

Little did I know the murky world of solo ads was a dangerous place.

I was throwing money at solo ads from those scammy Facebook groups.

If you've ever spent your hard earned cash on a solo or two, you'll may be able to relate...

You buy, say 100 clicks and get, say 40 subscribers!

Many of them are are fake emails, unresponsive and are even bribed by vendors to opt-in.

I was losing money fast with no results...

Something had to change.

I needed to look elsewhere and educate myself on how to do this the right way.

And I realised that two of the best sources of traffic were from two of the biggest sites in the world.

YouTube and Facebook!

I put all my effort into mastering these platforms....

And while I may be more known for YouTube marketing. I run a lot of Facebook ads too.

Small $5 per day ads that once begin to work, can be scaled up.

Done right, you get people opting in to your email list with REAL email addresses. 

These people want what you have to offer. They are HOT!.

And they are the exact demographic you want as well.

What's more, you can build a list in virtually any niche too.
And once you have built up a list? 

Click Send & Cash in...

It sounds cheesy but it is that simple.

You need a good source of targeted traffic coming in.

You can achieve this by providing something of value to your ideal target customer.

You then ensure that not only do they give you a REAL email address, but you set up your simple 2-page funnel in a specific way.

From here, you build the Know Like and Trust (KLT) factor. 

All of this sounds easy, and it is.


No-one teaches you the whole shebang.  Until now.

 Facebook Ads Mastery
Here's a sneak Peak of what you'll learn inside the member's area:
  •  Irresistible lead magnet creation with a Twist
  •  See my exact pages so you can model
  •  Facebook Pixel Mastery
  •  My Whole Funnel Revealed!
  •  Why you MUST select Confirm Opt-in 
  •  How to ensure you never get fake email addresses
  •  First email hack. Learn the 3 things you MUST be doing
  •  Advanced list segmentation on a budget
  •  The exact tools I use and recommend
  •  How to Set up everything from start to finish
  •  And Much More...
I have 17 years Teaching Experience - I’ll Simplify This for Everyone so you’ll not get stuck.
Module 1: Tooling Up
  •  Learn the exact tools needed to build a targeted list
  •  How to set up business Manager
  •  What Autoresponder and page builder are best
Module 2: Sexy Lead Magnets
  •  How to know exactly what lead magnet to create
  •  How to give away cool software when you are not a techie
  •  Give them what they want!
Module 3: Pages
  •  The Exact Landing Page I use
  •  My Thank you page too
  •  Thank you page trick for maximum results
Module 4: Email Mastery
  •  The most important email and what to say
  •  Critical mistakes to avoid
  • Advanced segmentation for newbies 
Module 5: Pixel Magic
  •  The Pixel demystified
  •  How to install it properly
  •  Adding it to Wordpress and Clickfunnels correctly
  •  Custom Event Tracking Simplified
Module 6: FB ADs for List building
  •  How to organise your Ads
  •  How to choose the RIGHT type of ad
  •  Why we do NOT choose lead ads for getting leads
Module 7: Facebook Ads For List -building
  •  Ad Set up
  •  Creating your image
  •  The Power Editor Mastery
  •  FB Ad 'FLOW'
Plus Extra Added Stuff to make sure you know 100% exactly what you need to do to build a list from tiny Facebook Ads
But just so we are clear….
There are no refunds on this; 

Either you're in or you're out.

You decide. If you are even considering a refund, save us both the time and do not buy this…
In fact, the less that buy makes it better for the ones that do. So no hard feelings if you leave this page now...
Oh and one last thing - there are no upsells here. Nothing else to buy.

This low, one-time investment gets you everything.

See you on the inside.

Adam Payne
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