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From: Adam Payne
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Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

I’m sure you’ve been round the Internet marketing block a few times. Am I right?

It’s tough out there.

I should know. I’ve gone from making $26 in a half a year to earning a full time income from the Internet.

Not because of a software, a hack, a trick or a loophole or any of that other BS that is peddled.

But because I mastered ONE thing. YouTube. Here are a few reasons why I chose to.

+ YouTube is now the second largest search engine with 1 billion daily visitors. I mean, who wouldn’t         want a piece of that?

+ Youtube is now more popular than cable television

+ Youtube now receives over 5 billion daily views… and that number is rapidly growing!

Trouble is...

Ranking Your videos on YouTube is both vital and a pain.

Vital as you need your content to be seen by the horde of laser targeted visitors that are on Youtube every single day.

I mean, the traffic does not get any more targeted, right?

If someone comes onto YouTube and types in ‘How to get rid of Acne’ and your video is ranking #1 for that very term you’ll get a flood of targeted traffic right where you want it.

And you can direct all of those red hot eyeballs to anywhere you like.

A pain because there are a number of steps you ALWAYS need to do, and many more steps that you SOMETIMES need to employ.

But truth is, everyone tells you different things

But unless you have a super huge authority channel with half a million subscribers or more, you do need to have a clear process to ranking.

And that is why I created Tube Architect.

To show you exactly how to rank Youtube videos fast and have them stick.

When you do that, you will naturally get more views aka leads.

It's a snowball effect. Like attracts like. Views have a higher perceived value which causes more folk to view...

Wasted Money on Ranking Software?

I know I have!

Countless tools and Video ranking softwares come out all the time.

All designed to take money from your pocket. 

But you do not need a bunch of over-hyped tools to help you get traffic. You need a BLUEPRINT.

The same one that has helped me get rankings like these:

And Even Get on Page one of Google as the ONLY VIDEO for  hard to rank terms. The Thumbnail makes the video stand out!

So I decided to create a complete 100% step-by-step blueprint that anyone can follow to get the same results.


A step-by-step checklist ( taught over-the-shoulder) of every minute step to go through when putting a video onto YouTube.

Not only that, but you'll get a checklist so that you can tick things off as you go, or have something to hand over to your Virtual Assistant.

Oh, and you'll discover the exact tools and resources I use to rank my own videos. No more fumbling around at

All in all, a complete A-Z ranking blueprint.

Oh, and as YouTube changes and new techniques are uncovered, they will be added.

Here's What You Get Inside of Tube Architect

Module 1 - The Right YouTube Mind

+ Quality Vs Quantity

+ Common Sense Conundrum

+ The Bamboo Method for Ultimate Success

Module 2- Channel Materclass

+ Secret Channel Authority Boosting

+ In Video Programming Mastery

+ Optimize Your Channel For Ranking Success ( a course in itself)

Module 3 - Super Style Espionage

+ How to Use Your Competition to Help you

+ The Snowball Effect Video Length

+ 007 Spy techniques ( Sorry, No bond Girls available)

Module 4 - Before You upload - Must do!

+ Meta data Mastery - Not as scary as it sounds

+ Cannot think of anything witty to type here :-)

Module 5 - The Secret Sauce

+ How to Get an Amazing Ranking Boost

+ The Secret Link that is not Online Anymore

+ Why Regular Uploads do not always cut it.

Module 6 - Ultimate On-Page Blueprint

+ Never have to write Descriptions Again

+ How to get SRT Files in minutes ( for captions)

+ The Tag Technique no-one tells you

+ Annotations for Rankings and Results

+ Much More...

Module 7 - Simple Off Page Starter

+ Simple Steps you Must do everytime

+ Get traffic and links from the Big Players

+ Secret iframe Embed trick for More Ranking juice.

+ Automation - Be Careful

Module 8 - Off Page Explosion

+ Legal Link Wheel Mastery

+ How to use THE most powerful resource you have

+ Sublime Social Bookmarking

+ Plus Much More...

Module 9 - Playlist Perfection

+ Little known techniques for creating highly connected playlists

+ How to piggyback off of huge videos

Module 10- Advertising Secret Sauce

+ Why Paid Views are THE way to go

+ How to get views from ultra-targeted viewers

+ How to get Google Display Planner to give you it's secret intel on a plate

All in all, there are over 50 short videos inside of Tube Architect. I have put insane amounts of value into this course.  A little over 4 hours in total.

Don't Just Take My Word for It Though. Listen to What others Are Saying

Chris Blair - 7 Figure E-commerce entrepreneur & trainer

Rod Alley - Video Marketing Expert

"Adam Payne is amongst the select few truly good guys in the internet marketing game. I have enough experience with Adam to be able to confidently state this. If he is offering training, it is on something he DOES, and has mastered. He also is a very gifted trainer, presenting in a very logical style that many instructors can’t seem to quite get a handle on. He has enough inflection in his voice to keep it interesting, he doesn’t fill his training with fluff or “let’s talk about how great I am.” He genuinely cares about those that buy his products, and has integrity matched by few in the IM game. I have bought several products from Adam, and his quality is consistently high, and he is actually one of my favorite trainers to take a course from. 

Coming from a background of over 20 years of experience of training adults in many areas, I am uniquely qualified to judge other trainers. If Adam is offering a course or mentoring, Buy it. You will not be disappointed. He gives away more content than many deliver in a paid course, and has a sincere desire to help others that is both refreshing and rare."

“The videos are all in the first page, in google search, in google image and in YouTube. They all are above the fold for 7 different keywords, and this just because of your teaching! Thanks again. “ Tube Traffic Alchemy Customer


Here are some FAQs for you.

Is it Newbie Friendly?
Yes, even my Grandmother could do this. But more advanced marketers will learn some new tricks too.
Are there any Upsells?
NOPE! None at all.  Just a one-time product
How Will I access the content ?
Everything is housed inside a simple to navigate membership site.
Will you help me if I need it?
Yes. Anyone who knows me will testify that I am always here to support people. There is a Facebook Group too.
Do You Cover Video Creation?
No. This is about ranking videos. Not about creating them
Do You have a Refund Policy?
Yes. If, within 30 days of your purchase, you are not completely satisfied, contact our customer support. We will do our best to help you fix the problem and if, at the end of our attempts to solve the problem, you are still not experiencing improved results within the said 30-day period, we will happily refund you.
Special Bonuses for Action Takers

Bonus # 1 - YouTube Ranking Checklist

+ Download this and either sue it yourself or give it to your Virtual Assistant to use.

Never Miss or forget a step in the process.

Value: $47

Bonus # 2 - Superstar Interviews

+ Interviews with 4 underground YouTube Ranking Superstars.

Real people who are Ranking and banking daily on YouTube. These are not your typical product creator. These are the REAL DEAL.

Value: $197

Total Bonus Value: $147

Bonus # 3 - RSS Submission Tool

+ This Creates a Social Broadcast to all the search engines to get your video out there.

+ Automates the whole process 

+ Creates 45 + URL Variants of your video

Now there is a very important decision to be made.

Of course, you could do absolutely nothing and completely miss out on all the ranking effects Tube Architect would have otherwise provided you.

There are NO other options on the table. 

The next time you come back the price may be much higher.

If you’d like to join us inside Tube Architect and solve ALL your video ranking concerns, then lock in your spot by clicking the button below.

The choice is yours. Success or stagnation.

To Your Success,

Adam Payne

Dominate YouTube Today

PS... If you scrolled to the bottom to check the price ( I do that too), then it is $297. There are NO Upsells nor OTOs.

PS... Any questions, shoot an email to

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