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Every one of them has a bigger list than I do.

I just know how to use mine better.

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Let’s not kid ourselves...
Building an email list is not a small undertaking. It takes a lot of time and money to collect these subscribers. 

So when your list isn’t doing what you want them to do (i.e. opening emails, clicking through to links, taking advantage of offers, staying loyal etc.)... it’s extremely frustrating.
And after putting in all that effort, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy some sense of security?

Peace of mind, knowing that you’ve got a loyal list of customers that you can profit from long-term?

In just a few moments...
You’ll See How to Transform a ‘Tiny’ Email List into Die Hard Fans Ready to Buy From You, Over and Over Again...
Look at what this vendor said about my promotion for his offer. I was only 4 sales behind the first guy (who has a huge email list) with 80% less traffic than everyone else.

Less Traffic = BETTER Results?

With The Conversion Point, I'm able to make this impossible equation a reality. And the proof is what you see above and across this page.
Adam Payne
From: Adam Payne
Location: Nagoya , Japan
Dear Friend,

Adam Payne here, and yeah...I feel your pain…

And I want you to know that since you are in fact one of my friends and best customers…

I won’t let you down with what I am about to reveal to you…

Keep on reading it’s about to get REALLY interesting...
You know what’s more frustrating than trying to figure out why your subscribers won’t take action? 

Allow me to share with you...
  •   How do you get them to open the email?
  •   What drives them to click your links?
  •   How do you build trust with them?
  •   How do you avoid losing their interest so your income doesn’t take a nosedive?
  •   And most important How to get them to CONVERT!
...these worries are constantly in the back of your mind. I know, because I used to be there too.

That’s why I’ve spent the last couple years of my life focusing on all aspects of understanding 3 KEY components to monster profits…

This gets subscribers to not only act on your offer and stuff money in your pocket but it also makes them more loyal!
Here are the 3 EXACT Keys to monster Profits:
The Right Email
To The Right Person
At The Right Time
Seriously, STOP and think about that for a second.. .

It’s profound, right?
Imagine having the ability to send emails that are 100% RELEVANT to every subscriber on your email list. ..
No one does this.

Most people are teaching ways that simply WON’T WORK.

That’s why you see these ‘gurus’ gloat about their massive list of subscribers…

Well you ever wonder what % actually converts when they push offers?

I’ll tell you not a lot….

What’s the reason for it?

ONLY people interested in that offer, click the link. Everyone else doesn’t. Because at that point in time it’s not relevant to them.

It’s not so much rocket-science and magic as it is about matching RELEVANT emails with the needs of your best subscribers.
Now, trust me when I say this that things weren’t always easy for me...
I could barely get people to open emails, let alone whip out their credit cards and buy!

I was doing what everyone else was preaching… 

Build an email list it’s a numbers game! Shoot them a couple broadcasts and watch the money pour in…

It was a pretty crappy feeling when not ONE of my subscribers actually bought anything that I was promoting…

...Especially after putting so much money and effort into building a list in the first place. The last thing I wanted to do was have to go through the stress of list building again! 

But I’m sure you know where I’m coming from.

You’ve been preached to almost 100,000 times about the importance of subscribers.

But it only stresses you out more as you…
  •   Get frustrated over subject lines that don’t get opens
  •   Constantly test different strategies to get subscribers to click.
  •   Worry about if you are exhausting the list and doing things “Right”.
  •   Get more angry that NO ONE'S buying from you...
  •   Wonder if the money never come or dry up…
Well, Now It’s Your Turn To Get Paid Monster Profits And Copy My PROVEN Strategies And Shortcuts!
I’m going to show you exactly how to make more sales, and you’ll learn how to quickly squeeze massive profits out of tiny lists. You’ll gain more customers and fans with every week that passes.

You’ll also discover how to send emails so captivating (and persuasive) your prospects will contact you if they miss one, begging you to resend it.

Plus, you’ll discover advanced techniques that’ll wrench money from your prospects. This will help propel you on affiliate leader-boards… even if your list is a fraction the size of your competition.

In short: I’ll show you precisely how to create emails that “sell” better than anything else I know.

In fact…
These Strategies Are A Game-Changer And Shortcut To MASSIVE Profits…
Just look at the leaderboards I'm able to get on top of while beating people with lists 5-20X bigger than mine...
You see, I prefer smaller lists that are ultra-targeted and hyper-responsive (where I can really matter to some, as opposed to trying to mattering to everyone).

Lists that have been built through “attraction” over “bribery”.

… and where I own the most important asset of any email list — their trust and attention.
The distinction may not be clear to you.

So allow me to explain...
  Typical “Massive List Building”
Guru Method
What they teach quite frankly makes no sense to me…

But anyway here it goes…

Short squeeze page. Typically blind. With a “carrot” (bribe) in the form of a money magnet in exchange for an email address.

As a prospect — a person (with feelings and emotions) that lands on this squeeze page — think through the dynamics for a second of what happens.

There’s an offer (cool report or video)…

There’s really no real DESIRE to be on this email list per se, other than to get access to the report or video (the shiny object or bribe). 

So the prospect (typically) uses a bogus email address which is typically their “spam account”...

Now let’s take a look…

From the Marketer's perspective, they see a 50-70% opt-in rate…
YES!! Killer Conversions On This One… Right?

Err...not quite buddy...

Because around 20-60% of those “opt-ins” are useless (worthless) email address…

(That’s a stat that I heard Ryan Deiss use a while back so it definitely holds some valid proof)

So what is the solution?
The Conversion Point
The 5-step system that will force your subscribers to take action and cram money in your pocket while extending the lifespan of your list.
You see with my strategy there’s actually a story.

This story is the driving force for a marketing message that establishes a lifetime relationship. One that connects, persuades and influences.

It eliminates the “bogus” email address that other people are sucked the form of an opt-in page...

… which is now framed as an “opportunity” to hear more from you. To hear more of the story and to get more of the high-value content.

This is where things start to get interesting...

You see the difference in the dynamics of it all?

Because the prospect is no longer feeling bribed to cough up their email address.
This creates a sense of TRUST which is extremely important when it comes to building the right foundation...

The value exchange is very different.

Now instead of using a bogus email address, they use their best (primary) email address to move in your direction (they’re attracted into your sphere of influence).

In other words … THEY WANT TO BE ON THE LIST.

This is exactly how I earn monster profits from tiny email lists. These are “assets” that I can leverage for years and years, long into the future.

The reason behind this secret way of acquiring subscribers is that they now TRUST you to be on the list…

You aren’t bribing them or stuffing crappy products down their throat you are earning their trust by giving value which in return has a snowball effect.
63% Conversions - $1,000+ from 229 visitors - 145 sales
This is the power of The Conversion Point...
Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Find Inside…
  •   Setting up the MASTER presell for crushing leaderboards.
  •   The Art of Building TRUST so you have lifetime buyers.
  •   Newbie friendly and Over the shoulder inside of my auto responder and create a new list and email series from Scratch!
  •   How to segment like a NINJA for maximum conversions
  •   How to get better inboxing (aka avoid going to the dreaded SPAM)
  •   Real life case studies/proof that you can model and profit from.
  •   How to be everywhere and not just use email for conversions (Be a celebrity within your niche lists)
  •   How to make money from small lists and get on leaderboards and beat the competition!
  •   The HIGHEST Converting Follow-Up Series for promos and offers...
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Talk soon,
Adam Payne
Still on the fence? I’ve put together some FAQ’s to help you make the right decision today..
Do you have a Refund Policy?
NO. There are no refunds because what I am sharing with you has been proven and time-tested that the results will speak for themselves and this is only for my best customers and friends…
What is this all about? 
This is about doing email marketing the RIGHT way to jam money in your pocket with massive conversions all from tiny email lists and it’s presented in a Video course format with some printed material as well...
How much money can I make with this?
That depends if you actually go through the course and apply what I laid out for you (it’s easy and simple to do).
Do you have proof that this works?
Of course… I practice everything that I preach, I am right there with you in the trenches and sharing all my insights to save you any bumps or bruises along the way. I open up my accounts too.
How do I get started today?
That information is below...
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